“The earth has music for those who listen”

George Santayana

Our Story

...healthier, fuller and balanced lifestyle.

Most of us, run from bed to breakfast to car, train to nursery, school to work to meetings to dinner and TV just before collapsing on the bed. My story was not much different from this. I was a very hard working, career focused young woman thriving for success in the corporate world. However over time, I realized I was succeeding at the expense of a healthy balance in life.

Very rarely we stop to take timeout for ourselves, reflect on the everyday choices we make in our lives that has direct impact on our health and happiness. After all, isn’t it the need for sustaining “health” and “happiness” that makes us run each day?

When things go wrong, our health starts to suffer, stress rises, sleep deprived, anxiety takes over, it is then we look for quick fixes to make us feel better. Only when we loose it we realize how important health is.

This is when I stopped and made a life changing decision to leave the corporate world to become a Wellness Guide to start living and promoting a lifestyle that I truly believe will bring much happiness and promote wellness amongst all around us.

And so NutriSoul was born and is dedicated to raising awareness of preventative, simple choices to sustain a healthier, fuller and balanced lifestyle.


When you understand the “why” and the “how”...

NutriSoul was born and remains very close to our hearts as we searched for natural and alternative choices for a better, healthier and
happier lifestyle. The more we searched, the more alternative choices and preventative ways opened up to us.

We were truly amazed at the benefits and harmony it brought to our lives.

At NutriSoul, we believe in not only the “what” required to enhance your beauty and improve your health and balance, we also thrive on bringing you the secrets of “why” and “how” by raising awareness and knowledge.

When you understand the “why” and the “how”, it is easier to make small changes to sustain a better and continuous health.

Sustainable wisdom and knowledge is the key to a fuller, healthier and happier life.


...feel good, happier, live healthier!

Our vision is to share with as many as we can the joy and harmony we have discovered through alternative choices to a healthier lifestyle.

Our mission is to bring to you NutriSoul range of essential products naturally sourced and packed with nutritious goodness.


A brand with a focus to help you…

feel good, happier, live healthier!


What makes us different?

Our commitment to bring to you not only the Nutritious product range and alternative choices to enrich your life but also to share the wisdom of slowly forgotten secrets of the ancient worlds which we are continuing to discover as we evolve on this journey.
We believe knowledge is for sharing and nutritious health and happiness is our humble right!

~ Albert Einstein believed ~

“Science without Ancient Wisdom is lame;
Ancient Wisdom without Science is blind”


Your Health & Well-being
Matters To Us!

True harmony & happiness is only reached when we enhance the health standards & wellness of our communities, rejuvenate the society around us, reconnect with nature and fully embrace our individuality… this is the basis of Ayurveda – ‘The Science of Life’